Sunday, 18 February 2007

Swinging Heaven

Swinging Heaven is still the most popular UK-only swingers website although its traffic has fallen by more half over the past year because they made the switch from being a free to site to a site with quite an expensive subscription. If you were lucky enough to have an account with them before they made the switch then you can use the site for free but all new users have to pay.

I'm not very sure why they made the change, normally this sort of thing happens after the site is bought by a company that has no idea how swingers sites work or maybe the owners just decided they wanted to make some cash. Either way the loss of Swinging Heaven is quite sad and I'm sure it will lose its number one position in 2007.

At Fab Swingers there's another article on Swinging Heaven.

Monday, 12 February 2007

The Adult Hub

The Adult Hub is quite a clever idea. It's a single swingers site but people can produce their own front end for it. The owner of the front end then gets a chunk of the cash. The Adult Hub itself is actually quite good and the free membership lets you do a reasonable amount.

The downside of their system is that you might visit quite a few websites and then discover that they are all the same - which can be annoying! All of the following sites are really just The Adult Hub: (see note below) (see note below)

I am not a lawyer but in the cases of and the owners of the original versions ( and would have a strong case for a passing-off action in court or alternatively they could apply to the registrars to have the domain names deleted.

The Adult Hub is also behind all of the following:

There probably are a lot more but to be honest I was beginning to get a little bit bored!

Friday, 9 February 2007

Most popular UK swingers sites

So what are the most popular UK swingers sites? On the Fab Ent Blog there's the latest UK Swingers Sites Rankings which use information from Alex, a traffic ranking company to show which are the most popular sites.

Adult Friend Finder comes top; although most of their traffic is outside of the UK, this is also true for SDC. The most popular site is still Swinging Heaven ( although it is in fairly rapid decline since the introduced charges. The fastest growing site is our very own Fab Swingers!

The Alexa rankings are just an approximation and shouldn't be taken too seriously but it's the best estimate you can get (without paying a lot of money) of how popular websites are.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dodgy Comparison Site #1

I did a search on Google for "uk swingers guide" and one of the first results is this hilarious comparison site:

It bills itself as "The Ultimate Guide for the UK Local Swingers Scene" and recommends the following websites:




Oddly enough and all of the three listed domain names are owned by the same person! Shurely shome mistake?

Friday, 2 February 2007


This blog is just going to be my thoughts on the UK swingers scene, hopefully some of you will find it helpful and - who knows? - maybe even get a shag out of it!

I'm fearlessly expose some of the awful rip-offs out there, the websites that claim to be free but actually require payment before you can do anything, some of the clubs which don't believe in basic hygeine and anything else that happens to annoy me.

One of my first experiences of swinging was being invited to a party when I was 21 or 22. I turned up and the youngest person there apart from me was late 40's with most people in their 50's I guess. I felt like I'd stumbled into a Saga swingers party! It was absolutely hideous.

And yet... Swinging does sometimes go so wonderfully right. I've fucked some women beautiful enough to have been models, other women not so classically beautiful but deliciously kinky and intelligent which in many ways is even better. I've partied with some incredible groups of people!

So I guess I'd like to relive some of these moments and perhaps see if I can help my readers have great experiences from exploring their sexuality.

Toodle pip!