Sunday, 25 March 2007

A moving and sexy website

I've decided to go slightly off-topic to tell you about a very special site I came across today. It's not often that a website can be described as "moving" and "sexy" but I think that's best description of VixPix - subtitled "Tits Out For Multiple Sclerosis".

The site has some pics of Vix and links to a MS resource centre if you'd like to donate. There's a very honest and moving account of her illness - Vix herself suffers from MS. I notice that the site hasn't been updated for a while so I do hope that she's okay.

There was article in The Sun about the site which quotes the manager of the MS centre saying "It's important to remember that what Vix has done is far more than just a fundraising exercise. She also challenges people’s preconceived beliefs about MS sufferers".

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Problems at Fab Swingers

Fab Swingers has some problems last week, there was basically a huge amount of new people going to the site with traffic doubling over two weeks! Unfortunately the server that the site was on didn't really cope and at peak times the site was unusably slow. The site has now been shifted over to a much more powerful server and it working fine now.

The new server was quite expensive but the site is still completely free. The advertisers pay more when there is more traffic so the sudden rush in new users has generated more cash which has covered the cost of the new server.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Department for Education and Skills includes swinging in the curriculum

It's good to see that the UK government's Department for Education and Skills is broadening the curriculum, as this page about swinging from their website shows!

I've included a screenshot below for when they take it down.

I guess this has been put up by someone spamming the forums for the sake of getting a link from a website which will carry a lot of pagerank benefit - unless the government really has become a lot more liberal!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

I was surfing the web for swingers sites in the UK (as you do) and I had the pleasure of stumbling across this gem of a site. It's

The site itself is not very impressive, it's basically just a slightly customised phpBB which is a fairly standard (and free) bit of forum software.

But what the sets the site apart is the atmosphere and the sense of community. The people who post are really friendly. It is of course a free site but it doesn't even have any advertising! It is obviously a labour of love rather than something that's been set up to earn a bunch of cash and that really shows.

So that's two positive posts in a row! But I'll get back to scam-busting next time!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Melanie's UK Swingers

Up to now my blog has been pretty negative, just exposing the rip-offs out there rather than talking about any of the good sites. Unfortuntately this is because there are many more rip-offs than good sites! However one of the exceptions is

There is a lot I like about this site:

  • it's free - really free in the same way Fab Swingers is a free UK swingers site.

  • it's real - I really like the way that there are real people behind it, not a faceless corporation

  • they can write - I'm afraid that I am very fussy about my English but these guys really can string a sentence together in a way that makes you want to stick around till the end

Their user interface really stinks unfortunately so you do tend to end up with lots of open windows and it can be really hard to work our what you're doing but these are really pretty minor gripes. Overall I think our Mel has put together a really good site and I think it probably is a good place to find a shag.