Saturday, 26 May 2007

Dirty David Site Review

Dirty David started out as a free site, then introduced charges and began to lose members to the free sites such as Fab Swingers.

The full story is a little bit more complicated. The site began in 7 years ago and was completely David's site. It did really well and became the number 1 swingers site in the UK.

However he then did a deal with The Adulthub in 2003 (who are actually not that bad) but it meant that he lost the guts of his website. All of the content on his site has shifted over to the Adulthub which just leaves a small number of marketing pages on his site.

Combined with removing most of the content of the site he also seems to have indulged in some activity against Google's Webmaster Guidelines which is why the site has suffered a big page rank penalty which will explain why the traffic has gone down so dramatically according to Alexa.

The headline of the site is still Welcome to Dirty-David, free adult swingers contacts. despite the fact that there is a fee to gain full access to the site. However, unlike many pay sites, he does make it clear that you need premium membership to do everything on the site so overall it's not anything like as bad as certain other sites!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Swing2Us Site Review

Dean & Matty's Swing2Us at is one of the original UK swingers sites. It's not to be confused with who are an Adult Hub affiliate trying to rip them off (and in my opinion guilty of the common law offence of passing off).

The site has been around for absolutely years, when I originally joined it was a plain HTML site and you emailed Dean and he would then put your advert up. However they later made it a proper database driven site, introduced subscriptions for new member but allowed the existing members to have free access forever. Although it is now a pay site I'm not going attack it for charging fees because they make it completely clear that it's a fee paying site, there's no attempt to con people into thinking it's free in the way that sites like Swinging Heaven do.

Tragically, Dean died but Matty has done a great job of continuing the site. He has been greatly missed by all of us in the community.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Swung: New Book on Swinging

There's a new book on swinging in the UK that's just coming out. It looks pretty good although I haven't ready it yet.

The Independent has a review.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Fab Swingers gets to 5000 members!

Fab Swingers is now up to 5000 members, mostly UK swingers but there is also a growing number of Irish swingers.

The site is a free community site so there is no marketing budget and all of the members have come from word-of-mouth recommendations. So although it's not the largest swingers site (by a long way!) it is mainly people who really are into the scene and who have probably been introduced by friends. And 5000 members in only 8 months isn't too bad!

It's also quite unusual because Fab Swingers has pretty much equal number of couples and single men registered; most swingers have vast numbers of single guys and comparitively few couples. Again, this has happened because the site has been built up through personally recommendations of couples in the scene.

If you'd like to give it a go you can sign up at