Friday, 18 May 2007

Swing2Us Site Review

Dean & Matty's Swing2Us at is one of the original UK swingers sites. It's not to be confused with who are an Adult Hub affiliate trying to rip them off (and in my opinion guilty of the common law offence of passing off).

The site has been around for absolutely years, when I originally joined it was a plain HTML site and you emailed Dean and he would then put your advert up. However they later made it a proper database driven site, introduced subscriptions for new member but allowed the existing members to have free access forever. Although it is now a pay site I'm not going attack it for charging fees because they make it completely clear that it's a fee paying site, there's no attempt to con people into thinking it's free in the way that sites like Swinging Heaven do.

Tragically, Dean died but Matty has done a great job of continuing the site. He has been greatly missed by all of us in the community.


Nigel Davies said...

What happened to as the site is no more.:-(

Kelly Evans said...

there is a new uk only swingers website that has started called that looks promesing.

its still new and growing but could do with some reviews to help get new members