Sunday, 15 April 2007

Swinging Heaven

I got some details emailed to me about Swinging Heaven. One of the things I never really understood was why the suddenly changed from being such a popular community site to being completely money-grabbing.

The answer is that the founder of Swinging Heaven, Mark, sold out to Symbios Solutions Ltd, a ring tone company, who bought the site in November 2005. According to their website they have "an aggressive web real estate programme" which I guess translates to "charge as much as possible on Swinging Heaven". This has resulted in more than half the users leaving the site since the takeover.

The founder of Swinging Heaven along with some of the users who'd been driven away from the site by Symbios then decided to create a new free site called Swingers Cave. When Symbios found out they took legal action to close it down (I'm told by my source).

So if you want to become part of a "competitive product portfolio" I would suggest you join the most expensive "free" swingers site in the UK!