Thursday, 26 July 2007

Free UK swingers sites?

As an experiment I've just search for "free UK swingers" on Google. Here's the results:

The first site that comes up is Swinging Heaven which is described as "The FREE UK SWINGERS ads site Swinging Heaven is dedicated to giving adults a platform to chat, meet and enjoy other people who swing." Actually it's one of the more expensive pay site.

Next up is however you need to pay if you want to contact other members! This is a slightly strange definition of free!

The third site is Local Swingers. Now, although this is a pay site they actually make it clear that basic membership is free but that you have to pay to get full access to the site. They are honest and up front and in fact it's not a bad site.

Melanie's UK Swingers is next which really is a free site! What a shock! Again, this is quite a good site although our favourite free UK swingers site, Fab Swingers has three times as many members as Melanie's.

Next we have "Free UK Adult Personals Swingers" which as I'm sure you've guessed is another pay site.

So out of the first 5 results on Google for "free UK swingers" only one is a really free and that is a site without very many members. Hopefully on this blog we'll be able to give you slightly more accurate information!