Sunday, 18 February 2007

Swinging Heaven

Swinging Heaven is still the most popular UK-only swingers website although its traffic has fallen by more half over the past year because they made the switch from being a free to site to a site with quite an expensive subscription. If you were lucky enough to have an account with them before they made the switch then you can use the site for free but all new users have to pay.

I'm not very sure why they made the change, normally this sort of thing happens after the site is bought by a company that has no idea how swingers sites work or maybe the owners just decided they wanted to make some cash. Either way the loss of Swinging Heaven is quite sad and I'm sure it will lose its number one position in 2007.

At Fab Swingers there's another article on Swinging Heaven.


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blogger said...

I'd like to to warn others about [B][/B] as I have just recently closed my account after having been ripped off by them.

Because I never agree to continuous credit card authorities (whereby debits can be applied month on month indefinitely), when I first wanted to pay for a month's membership, I read the small print and found that it wasn't possible to do so - I had to agree to the the continuous authority and then, when the first month's membership was debited, give notice of cancellation - that was the only way to join to try it out.

I should have realised then that the site relies on inertia selling, which is illegal in the UK. A few days after the first month's membership expired, I went through this process again, but this time, the continuous authority wasn't cancelled. I didn't spot the debits on my account until a few weeks ago, by which time I had paid for four months of membership at the monthly rate - which is more expensive than a whole year's membership!

I contacted the site's administrators to point this out and requested proof that they had a continuous debit authority, otherwise I would ask for a charge-back, and pointed out that after the first month had been cancelled there was no option to cancel payments, only a "cancel to delete the account" option, but they stated that this was because I had already used it!

After that, they didn't even bother to read my "private message" response to this [I](you can see on the member mailbox "sent" page when these have been read)[/I] and - presumably because they thought it was funny - they ended the final paid-for month's subscription four days early.

Needless to say, having paid well over the cost of a year's subscription for four months of membership, I wasn't going to keep paying, particularly as they were ignoring PMs, so I bit the bullet and closed the account.

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