Saturday, 26 May 2007

Dirty David Site Review

Dirty David started out as a free site, then introduced charges and began to lose members to the free sites such as Fab Swingers.

The full story is a little bit more complicated. The site began in 7 years ago and was completely David's site. It did really well and became the number 1 swingers site in the UK.

However he then did a deal with The Adulthub in 2003 (who are actually not that bad) but it meant that he lost the guts of his website. All of the content on his site has shifted over to the Adulthub which just leaves a small number of marketing pages on his site.

Combined with removing most of the content of the site he also seems to have indulged in some activity against Google's Webmaster Guidelines which is why the site has suffered a big page rank penalty which will explain why the traffic has gone down so dramatically according to Alexa.

The headline of the site is still Welcome to Dirty-David, free adult swingers contacts. despite the fact that there is a fee to gain full access to the site. However, unlike many pay sites, he does make it clear that you need premium membership to do everything on the site so overall it's not anything like as bad as certain other sites!

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